Why we say, “Creator Yahweh”

Yahweh is the English spelling of the Hebrew name for the Creator, but it has also been in our Native languages for longer than anyone can number. We believe that we are coming into our true identity as Native Americans who follow Yeshua and walk the Jesus Way. Much of what “Christian” people did (especially in the past) had nothing at all to do with Christ. We are finding that the Bible (Sacred Writings) speaks more clearly to us Natives than to many others. Creator, the Great Spirit, Yah…are none other than Creator of the Sacred Writings (the Bible). We understand the protocol. We understand the dance. We understand the drums. We understand the blessings and honoring, and much better than others because of our culture.

The Jesus Way

We walk the Jesus (Yeshua) way. When we receive Jesus as Lord and Savior we become a part of the children of God (Yahweh) We are made new spiritually and His Holy Spirit fills us. The Father Son, and Holy Spirit are one. We have to be forgiven of all our sins and filled with His Spirit. His Spirit is the Spirit of truth and Light and lines up to the Word of God The Bible. The Bible teaches us all truth. (from Diana Shadley)