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one church many tribesOne Church, Many Tribes

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Why shouldn’t First Nations people use their own instruments, music, dress, and dance to honor God?

Richard Twiss answers this question beautifully in his book, One Church, Many Tribes.

Most of you have probably already read it, but we get a lot of questions about Native Christian faith, and this book offers some of the best explanations. It’s a quick read that explains so much. Here’s what one reviewer said:

“As a Native American, our traditions are bred out of us as “worshiping the devil” until little to nothing remains. We had to choose between our Culture or our Christian faith. I have given this book to numerous people including my pastor and a college ministry professor who teaches on unity. I hope that this will break down walls that have been up for centuries.”

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Why we say, “Creator Yahweh”

Yahweh is the English spelling of the Hebrew name for the Creator, but it has also been in our Native languages for longer than anyone can number. We believe that we are coming into our true identity as Native Americans who follow Yeshua and walk the Jesus Way. Much of what “Christian” people did (especially in the past) had nothing at all to do with Christ. We are finding that the Bible (Sacred Writings) speaks more clearly to us Natives than to many others. Creator, the Great Spirit, Yah…are none other than Creator of the Sacred Writings (the Bible). We understand the protocol. We understand the dance. We understand the drums. We understand the blessings and honoring, and much better than others because of our culture.

The Practice of Smudging

For those who don’t understand our practices, the way wiccans use this practice and way we Natives of faith use it is very different. We are praying and cleansing ourselves of wrongs in our hearts, and asking the Creator God and the Lord Jesus, Yeshua, to bless our dance and worship, and to make ready to dance our prayers to Him. Interceding for others. Smudging Makes us stop everything and put our minds and hearts in right order.

Kayce Womack being smudged at Round Valley Rez First Youth Nations Gathering in 2014.

The Jesus Way

We walk the Jesus (Yeshua) way. When we receive Jesus as Lord and Savior we become a part of the children of God (Yahweh) We are made new spiritually and His Holy Spirit fills us. The Father Son, and Holy Spirit are one. We have to be forgiven of all our sins and filled with His Spirit. His Spirit is the Spirit of truth and Light and lines up to the Word of God The Bible. The Bible teaches us all truth. (from Diana Shadley)

Native Warriors at Iwo Jima

ira hayes flag You’ve most likely seen this photo before, and you may also know the young man inside the insert is none other than United States Marine Corporal Ira Hamilton Hayes. He’s the guy on the far left standing up the flag. He is also known as Chief Falling Cloud and was also an enrolled member of the Gila River Pima Indian Reservation.

Ira Hayes Not The Only Native Warrior

Ira won many awards and served as a valiant warrior with honor, but he was not alone in that pursuit. According to a government news article written by Rudi Williams, “More than 10 percent of the Native American population, or one-third of all able-bodied Indian men from 18 to 50 years of age saw service during World War II, said LeHockey, commander of the Officer Candidates School at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va.

“In some tribes, the percentage of men in the military reached nearly 70 per cent,” he said. “Several hundred Indian women also served with the Women’s Army Corps, the Navy’s Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service and Army Nurse Corps. Indian participation in World War II was so extensive that it later became part of American folklore and popular culture.” Continue reading

A Prophetic Word

One of our dear sisters, Rene Self, received the following word from Creator Yahweh that we believe is encouraging to all Native believers. Here it is:

stunning dancerThe Native people are a people of color. Bright and vibrant and beautiful. 
As they dance the colors swirl and blend together in an illusion of grandeur
pleasing to God, for He created the dance.

God states purposely:
”And the Lord their God will save them on that day as the flock of His people, for they shall be as the [precious] jewels of a crown, lifted high over and shining glitteringly upon His land.” –Zechariah 9:16
Amplified Bible (AMP)

(photo from Native American Encyclopedia)